Personal Skincare Services

Seeing an esthetician such as myself and/or a dermatologist in person will always give you the best results for your skincare needs. But sometimes that just isn’t possible. If you’re wanting a skin analysis as well as help starting a skincare routine of your own, I’d love to help. Here are the services I offer:


It’s basically my “Good Skin For All” series in real time! After a thorough consultation, we will shop together and create a skincare routine for you using my knowledge base and your preferences. Obviously, this is not applicable towards professional skincare lines; that is best left to an esthetician or dermatologist who retails a professional skincare line (I do not currently retail any products).

Pricing is as follows:

  • In-Person Shopping Trip (Exclusive to Austin and Houston areas only): $20 up to an hour, $10/hour after. After determining where you’d like to shop, we will go store-to-store and put together your perfect routine. Whether or not you purchase my recommendations at that time is up to you! All of the suggestions and knowledge, none of the pressure to buy.
  • I literally do the shopping for you: Pretty simple, we discuss things such as your budget and preferences, you pay me the cost of products + shipping + my $20 fee, I purchase your final selections online and have them shipped to you. That’s it! You don’t have to leave your home, you don’t have to pay me by the hour-easy peasy.



If you need a little help figuring out what type you are, or would like a routine designed for you without employing my personal shopping service, this is for you. I CANNOT diagnose anything like rosacea as that is outside of the esthetician scope of practice, and nothing is going to beat an in-person, hands-on consultation. This is perfect for those of you looking for a little update or a jumping off point before paying to see a professional in-person.

  • Routine Creation Without Consultation: if you already know your skin’s needs and just need a shopping list. $5.
  • Consultation and Routine: We’ll discuss your needs and concerns, determine your type, and create a shopping list. $15.


Exclusive to the Austin and Houston areas. All of the professionalism of a spa facial in the comfort of your home. My facial service includes:

  • Skin analysis
  • Cleanse and facial massage
  • Hot towel treatments for every removable product
  • Toning treatment between removals
  • Extractions, if necessary
  • Exfoliation treatment
  • Treatment mask
  • Your choice of scalp or hand and arm massage during mask
  • Targeted serum/treatment
  • Moisturizer and facial massage

The cleanser, toner, and moisturizer are prepared for you specifically the day before your appointment and do not contain any preservatives; as such, you get to keep these three products!

This incredibly personalized service starts at $70. Add for the following:

  • $5 if you live on the second floor or higher of an apartment complex (this can be waived if you help load in and out!)
  • $5 steam treatment
  • $10 for an eyebrow, lip, or chin wax

Discount: if you book up to three individual facials for the same day at the same home, each facial is reduced to $60/person.


Exclusive to the Houston and Austin areas. In-home spa parties are a super fun way to get quality skincare at a reduced price, while hanging out with your friends. A lot of MLM companies (BeautiControl, Mary Kay, etc.) like to market these, but when you show up, you’re asked to apply all of the product to yourself, they read off of a cue card, and at the end, they pressure you to buy product or sign up to be a consultant. This is all because they are not licensed estheticians so they cannot legally apply product to your face. An in-home spa party from me is completely different! Because I am a licensed professional, I am able to actually, physically give you facial designed using my knowledge and education. There is no sales pressure as I don’t retail any product, and there is no pyramid scheme for me to pressure you into!

Here’s how it works:

  • We choose an evening and block out about two hours to ensure everyone gets their full facial. You can invite up to five people, not including yourself and a co-host if necessary. No more than seven people total please, to ensure quality and time management!
  • You’ll have each guest contact me with their skin type and concerns no later than 48 hours before the party, so I can create their individual facial and products.
  • You can cancel or reschedule up to 48 hours before the party; after that, I won’t book you for another party or other services. Like, EVER AGAIN!
  • I’ll perform the facials in the exact order detailed in my facial protocol, assembly line style: I cleanse everyone’s faces, then I tone everyone’s faces, etc. At the end of the night, guests get to bring home their cleanser, toner, and moisturizer, just like my regular facial service.

Pricing is as follows:

  • Host and co-host: $25 each to cover product. This to be paid through PayPal at the time of booking as it acts as a deposit and is refundable if cancellation occurs before the aforementioned 48 hour period.
  • Each guest: $45, PayPal beforehand, or cash or check at the party. I don’t have a card reader at this time, sorry!
  • Each facial wax add-on: $5 (add another hour to the party if more than two people want a brow, lip, or chin wax)
  • If a guest would like to book a party of their own at your party, they will get $5 taken off of their host fee/deposit. This is about as MLM as I get.

That’s it! You can provide wine, snacks, put on a movie while we facial it up, make it all dark and quiet and relaxing-all of that is up to you.

To book ANY of these services, use the form in my “contact me” page, or email me at

I can’t wait to work with you!



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