The Punk Rock Esthetician was born out of frustration towards the skincare industry. I remember sitting in esthiology school, loving the subject matter itself, but hating the whole aesthetic surrounding it. I felt so out of place when I’d visit spas or hear about industry standards and expectations. It also really bothered me how snobby the whole thing was. After completing the six month program, I left feeling not like a trained esthetician, but rather a rep for the skincare line I was trained on. I could look at the products and know which to use for what skin type, but I didn’t have a clue what it all meant, or how to treat someone with a line other than the one that I learned. I didn’t think that a working knowledge of ingredients and other products out there was asking too much. And I knew that that education should not cost $10,000. Knowing how to find what works for your skin should be common knowledge.

I also began to notice the attitude my group of friends had towards skincare. Being mostly of the alternative variety, it was generally well-accepted that skincare was stuffy and pushy and facials were for rich soccer moms. And I could totally understand how they could come to that conclusion. I myself felt so uncomfortable in the white/blue/green spa world, with the New Age-y music that made me want to stab my ear drums. I couldn’t stand the judgment I’d get when I mentioned I used non-professional products. In true punk form, I hated the whole corporate structure of it all, both as a consumer and a skincare professional.

So I started writing. I started imagining what skincare could look like outside of the industry I was getting to know. I considered my own personal experiences as well as the experiences of others. I looked at other skincare blogs and found myself leaving after a few seconds because the aesthetic didn’t appeal to me. At all. There was probably some valuable information there but I couldn’t relate. I started researching ingredients in cosmetic chemistry dictionaries and training myself to automatically know if a product would be good for a certain skin type just from the ingredients alone.

That’s how The Punk Rock Esthetician was born. I created this blog to appeal to others to me, and to make skincare accessible to all without judgment. Good skin is totally punk rock because what’s more punk rock than doing what’s best for yourself?

I really hope you enjoy my blog and find something just for you.




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