I’m Baaaaaaack!

Holy shit it’s been two months since my last post. I honestly did not mean to take such a long break, or even a break at all. I kind of forgot to put a post up one week and then another week and then another and then…yeah. Here we are.

I didn’t miss it at first. And that kind of made me sad. Even though I have less than a handful of followers, and I do not fit in with any blogger group, and I often look at my post ideas and think about what a fraud I am, I do get some sort of enjoyment out of writing these posts. And I couldn’t figure out why I didn’t want to run the blog anymore, or why I wasn’t missing it.

I was watching Mykie (Glam and Gore) and she was talking about getting a following on social media. I mostly had it on for background noise because I was considering abandoning the blogging thing entirely. But then she got to her last point which was “be yourself.” And she didn’t give the generic “be yourself on social media” speech that I keep hearing from blogging and lifestyle coaches/experts. She talked about what that means to her. To her, it means not having a posting schedule. That’s when I perked up and really started listening, because, as anyone knows, that is the first piece of advice anyone will give you. You HAVE to be on a schedule if you want to be successful. You might as well not even get started if you aren’t going to stick to a schedule. That is a big reason why I started to “break up” with the blog, with the idea of being The Punk Rock Esthetician. It doesn’t matter that I can autoschedule my posts. Sometimes I just do not feel like putting things up. I do not have any inspiration whatsoever.

She went on to list other ways she breaks the rules of success, and how it’s ultimately worked for her because she doesn’t feel like she’s doing anything she doesn’t want to. After watching Mykie’s video, I started writing this post. I realized that I only thought I was being my true self when it came to this, and yet, I was still obsessing over having a schedule, I was still pinning countless “rules to blogging success” articles on Pinterest and feeling so inadequate when they were overwhelming and didn’t resonate with me. I was still having a small breakdown each post over finding images and following someone else’s rules for success. And I mean, can you blame me? I’m the type of person who doesn’t want to do something if I’m not going to be successful. So I started to sort out the rules that don’t work for me, and how I’m going to break them:

  • No more scheduled posts. I could really identify with Mykie’s reasons why an editing schedule doesn’t work for her brand. And I can also understand why people suggest it. They use the TV program example: a show won’t be successful if it comes on at a different time on a different day every week. No one will know when to tune in. It makes sense to me, it does. And I tried it. And it doesn’t work for me. I’d rather put up quality articles every now and then, over so-so articles on the same day of the week every week in the name of being successful. And who knows? Maybe I still post every week. Maybe I only post once a month. I’m not going to dictate my creativity and inspiration anymore. I will write when I want to write.
  • No more images in posts when I’m not feeling it. Once again I understand why all the “gurus” suggest inserting an image every two paragraphs or so. But sometimes I just cannot find a visual representation of what I want to say. So, there may be an increase in text-only posts. I’d rather people skip a post because there’s “too much reading” than have shitty images ruining my vision.
  • No more word count limitations. A lot of blogging success articles will suggest limiting your word count. There are various reasons for giving this piece of advice, but usually it’s because they believe people don’t want to read too much. Well…IDGAF, quite honestly. I love writing. I love giving you guys as much information as possible. So, if it’s going to be a long one, I’ll put a summary in the beginning of the post. But I’m not going to edit myself down to shorter posts for the sake of readability. I feel like I’m cheating yall out of information when I do that!
  • Only recommending pro products. This is going to garner SO much hate from the esthetics community. From day one of any esthiology program, you are indoctrinated with the belief that only professional lines will get results. Probably only the professional line they provide will truly work. I’m sorry, that’s bull shit. As a professional, I know that professional products generally have a higher concentration of the “good stuff” and that’s why they (sometimes) work better. I know the benefits of going to see a professional esthetician who has access to stronger grade products than the average consumer. BUT. I am also a consumer. I am a consumer who lives paycheck to paycheck. Not only that, I am a disabled consumer, who is often unable to leave the house for days at a time, and needs to shop online. One day I’ll make a post entirely about pro vs. OTC products, but for now, I’ll say this: I’d rather provide recommendations based on accessibility than elitism. If you’re more likely to follow a skincare routine using products from Sephora or Target than you are to even try with pro products, I am here to give you the best advice possible.

I’m sure as I get back into this, things will continue to change. I’ll identify more rules that don’t work for me. And hey, maybe this will hurt my chances of success. Maybe I’ll never break more than 10 readers, maybe my blog will never be SEO optimized. But I’ll feel better about doing it. A huge thank you to everyone who’s still with me!




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