Why You Should See an Esthetician (More Than Once!)


I’m gonna be super honest and straightforward here. The main reason why you should see an esthetician (regularly) is that they have access to products you probably do not. The other reasons-the ones I’ll discuss in this post-are fringe benefits, and some of them are even things you could do yourself. But, it’s SO nice having someone else do it for you. It’s nice knowing someone went through training and acquired a certain skill set to work on your face. Here’s my personal list of why should see an esthetician!

  1. An esthetician can give you a deeper clean than you can get at home. Unless you have a Clairsonic, in which case, you’re probably good.
  2. An esthetician can SAFELY perform extractions. Not only has your esthetician been trained on the proper extracting technique, they’re knowledgeable on proper sanitation to ensure that no bacteria spreads. In addition, they’ll prep your skin for extractions with a steam treatment.
  3. An esthetician can determine exactly what your skin needs. You may be an expert on your skin type, and know all too well what concerns you have. But an esthi will be able to assess your skin’s needs from an academic standpoint and help you make more informed decisions.
  4. Your skin needs contact from another human. During the first half of my esthiology program, we would practice on each other. It didn’t matter that I lived at home with my (then) fiance, mother, and sisters, and was getting tons of physical attention daily. There was something so soothing and stress-releasing about having one of my classmates touch my face, massage my shoulders, etc. You need this kind of touch to thrive.
  5. Facial massage is super important. Facial massage improves circulation, assists in lymph drainage, and is an effective measure against aging and wrinkles. You can absolutely perform facial massage on yourself…but it’s so much nicer having someone else do it! Plus, an esthetician has been trained on the exact types of massage to perform on each section of the face.
  6. An esthetician can help you track your progress.
  7. An esthetician cannot diagnose…but they can spot something alarming, something you might have not thought to look for, and let you know that you should see a derm.
  8. Estheticians are full of information. We can give you hints, tips, and tricks galore. As part of our education, we learn about disorders of the skin, sanitation, nutrition, alternative therapies, massage techniques-so. If you’ve paid to be on our table, feel free to ask for our professional opinion!
  9. An esthetician will make you relax. Whether you want to or not.
  10. An esthetician will spend a lot of time with you. Each appointment, you are their only focus. For that hour (or however long your appointment is), they are focused on you and your concerns. Who wouldn’t want to be listened to uninterrupted for a good amount of time?
  11. An esthetician will help you put the perfect skincare routine in place.
  12. An esthetician receives a much more thorough skincare education than a cosmotologist performing skincare. While it’s true that your hair stylist is licensed to perform facials and waxing, it’s but a small portion of their overall education. An esthetician’s education, although diverse, is focused only on things pertaining to skin and hair removal. It’s like seeing a specialist instead of a general practicioner.
  13. An esthetician has access to machines and treatments that aren’t safe to be used by a non-professional. This goes with the use of pro products.

And my personal favorite reason to see an esthethician:


Great skin=great selfies. Great skin=great makeup. An esthi can get you there!

As you can see, regular visits to an esthetician can lead to a better understanding of your skin, the construction of a solid routine, and overall relaxation you can’t obtain on your own.

What reasons do you have for not seeing an esthi regularly, other than cost? How often do you see your esthetician now? Let me know in the comments below!


First image: http://ct.perceptionvsfact.com/ol/pf/se/i57/2/12/5/frabz-Esthetician-What-my-friends-think-I-do-What-my-boss-thinks-I-do–e166e2.jpg

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