Choreography: It Rubs the Lotion on Its Skin


This is probably going to be the shortest post in the series, because moisturizers are fairly simple. Their simplicity shouldn’t downplay their importance, however. Even oily skin needs to moisturize. You mainly need to find a moisturizer that is the correct texture for your skin type, and contains the ingredients you need.

Why do you need moisturizer? Uhh, to moisturize, duh…actually, it does a bit more than that. It feeds your skin through the ingredients, balances the water-oil content (hence why even oily-skinned people need to moisturize), and treats things likes redness, aging, and drying. We know from Buffalo Bill’s obsession with lotioning the skin that well-moisturized, supple skin is achieved through repetitive hydration.

Here’s where things get personal: you’ll need to decide if you want one moisturizer for both day and night, therefore needing a separate sunscreen, or if you want two separate moisturizers, one for the morning that contains SPF and a thicker one sans SPF for night, eliminating the need for a separate sunscreen. When choosing your moisturizer(s), choose it/them based on your skin type (gel consistency and oil-free for oily skin, light lotion for normal skin, and heavier oil-infused lotion/cream for dry skin), and avoid ingredients that will irritate your skin, such as the drying alcohols, artificial/synthetic fragrances, and dyes/colorants. If you find a moisturizer that you like, but you aren’t sure if it’s “good”, note the ingredients that you don’t recognize and Google them. Good things to look for are humectants, aloe, vitamins A/E/C, and seaweed (assuming you don’t have a shellfish allergy).

Well…that’s all I’ve got for this one. And remember…

It rubs the lotion on its skin, or else it gets the hose again!




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