Skincare Resolution Inspiration + Personal Skincare Resoltuions


2016 is literally upon us. Being pagan, my new year was on Samhain; however, I still celebrate on December 31st with everyone else. It’s a good time to stop and reflect on the year that has gone by (I got married, graduated esthetics school, learned to embroider, started lyra and pole lessons, and moved three times) while looking forward to what’s ahead. It’s also the time of year when people make resolutions.

I hate new year’s resolutions, don’t you? It’s like the ultimate humblebrag. People get so caught up in them, resolving to do things that are generally unrealistic, putting it out there for everyone to see and comment on, winding up frustrated and unsuccessful. I feel like these things just lead to self defeat, FOMO (fear of missing out), and comparison. Fuck that.

Something I CAN get behind is goal setting, conveniently at this time of year (yes I know it’s all the same…shhhh…). Goals differ from resolutions in the sense that goals usually have a more realistic timeframe than their “New Year, New Me!” counterparts. Also, goals are generally set to establish a habit, whereas a resolutions tends to be a one-time accomplishment. If you’d like to set some skincare goals for 2016, I’ve got some ideas for you. It takes about 21 days to establish a new habit, so track your progress! It also takes your skin about 28 days to turnover, therefore showing results, so keep that in mind and don’t give up when you don’t see immediate results. These ideas were inspired by a Pin by PCA Skin, which you can find on my Pinterest board, Esthiology.

  • Add an eye product to your regimen.

I could do an entire post on why you should add an eye cream to your skin care regimen (and I will! Look for it in January). For the sake of this post, I’ll summarize. You need to add an eye cream because hydration and stimulation are absolutely necessary, especially in the winter. Fine lines and wrinkles are a product of dehydration, and puffiness/dark circles stem from a lack of stimulation. When shopping for a cream, look for hyaluronic acid, arnica, vitamin K, and SPF. Avoid petroleum and synthetic fragrances.

  • Wash your face twice a day, every day.

I’m so bad about this. But, it’s necessary. A morning cleanse is going to introduce hydration to your skin, provide a fresh surface for your other products and makeup, and will clear your skin of any nasty bacteria you may have picked up from your pillowcase. It’s pretty obvious why you need a nightly cleanse (removing the day’s dirt, grime, and pollutants; allowing your skin to fully repair itself while you sleep; replenishing what it lost throughout the day, etc).

  • Protect your skin with an antioxidant serum.

Oxidants and free radicals cause premature aging and just overall blah looking skin. An antioxidant serum will not only protect your skin, it will brighten your complexion. Look for a serum containing vitamins C and E.

  • Moisturize daily.

This is another one that will have its own post in January. For now, we’ll leave it at face value. Find one that’s right for your skin type, and use it daily. Even oily skin needs a daily moisturizer! Bonus points if you utilize one that contains SPF. Lack of moisture leads to premature aging.

  • See an (a)esthetician.

Good skin is an investment that will always have a tremendous return. An esthetician is a critical component of that investment. They’ll be able to analyze your skin and assess your needs in a way that you might not be able to. See a knowledgeable, reputable esthetician as soon as possible!

  • Sleep well! 6-8 hours per night.

It’s called “beauty sleep” for a reason. Your skin repairs itself while you sleep.

  • Wash your makeup brushes weekly.


  • Get regular treatments (see the notes about visiting an esthetician).
  • Stop smoking.
  • Stop tanning.

My target audience is probably snickering right now like “yeah no problem there”.

  • Drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water daily.

I am HORRIBLE about staying hydrated. If you are too, start small: swap out one of your non-water beverages with a 16-ounce water (add lemon, lime, or another fruit to up the hydration factor and make it more palatable ).

  • Eat your fruits and veggies.

Great skin starts on the inside, and is directly related to your diet. Eat your colors and watch your skin transform.

  • Avoid the sun between 10-4.

My fellow vamps have this one down pat!

  • Stop squinting. Wear sunglasses.
  • Wear sunscreen every day (yes, even in the winter, even on rainy days).

This year, I’m going to work on washing my face as I should, washing my brushes weekly, drinking enough water, and wearing sunscreen daily. Let me know what skin care goals you’ll be accomplishing in 2016!

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