The f**k is The Punk Rock Esthetician?

At the start of my 2015, I had no idea I would be blogging my way into 2016, after completing Aveda’s esthiology program. I actually had no idea of what I’d be doing at all. As a little girl, “esthetician” was not on my list of what I wanted to be when I grew up. Halfway through the program, I found myself madly in love with esthetics and scheming ways to make the industry work for me.

My quest for creating my own place in this world came about when I was 22 years old. I was entering my third year of professional cheerleading and modeling; I was beautiful, in shape, and relatively popular; I was in a relationship with someone I thought was as perfect for me as I was for him. I thought I knew who I was and what my life would look like. The field of esthetics and the goth aesthetic were NOT a part of that. Something was wrong, though, very wrong. And it was soon discovered that that “something” was fibromyalgia. Almost overnight, everything was snatched away from me: I lost my job and realized that I couldn’t ever work in that specific field again; I couldn’t dance anymore; my weight fluctuated wildly and my skin dried out and my hair went dull; my “friends” disappeared, and my love left me, claiming he couldn’t be with someone who was going to be sick and lazy and unemployed for the rest of her life.

All of this caused me to rediscover myself, which led to finding natural alternatives to manufactured fibro treatments. I then became interested in esthetics and making people feel beautiful and healthy, both inside and out.

But what about the “punk rock” part of The Punk Rock Esthetician? Why does the alternative culture need a skin care blog of their own? More often than not, good skin is marketed as a tool to limit the amount of makeup you need. This means little to the alternative community, as we use makeup as an art form. This also polarizes men, who need a great skincare routine just as much as women do, but why would they invest in something meant to replace makeup if they don’t wear makeup to begin with? I want to present good skin as a canvas for your art. Most spas have a stuffy or clinical, corporate feel that a lot of us are trying like hell to avoid. Estheticians are skin therapists who also know a good deal about providing total relaxation; why is it that I’m being overlooked in the field simply because I have piercings and wear black lipstick? If I don’t “look” relaxing and professional, maybe we should change our idea of what relaxing and professional look like. Part of discovering myself has been defining my personal style. I fall somewhere between the stereotypes of punk rock and goth. I love dark elegance. I love that perfect blend of mystery and transparency. The goth aesthetic has this air of sumptuous, luxurious exclusivity, which I adore. I feel as though esthiology and the alternative culture would mesh beautifully; and yet, they rarely do.

The punk rock attitude is all about making your own way when you don’t fit in. And that’s what I’m doing with this blog. I’m taking two of my loves and putting them together in a way that will (eventually) let me work for myself. One day I’ll own my own spa with hours and working conditions conducive to my disability, in addition to catering to my target audience.

I want to use this blog to speak about skincare and esthetics in a way that will appeal to people like me. I’ll be focusing on anti-aging and avoiding sun damage as well. Makeup for men, bold and alternative makeup, and a nice variety of product reviews will be included as well. Most importantly, I’m going to teach my readers how to educate themselves to make the best skincare choices possible.

But this blog isn’t just for me! Please feel free to ask questions, suggest posts, etc. Introduce yourself now that you know a little bit about me!


The Punk Rock Esthetician

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One thought on “The f**k is The Punk Rock Esthetician?

  1. Sarina says:

    Ah so you are a skin care specialist but you can preform your profession due to the fibro… Welcome to the blogosphere & WordPress.


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